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nablopomo:post 17:nigahein

In poetry on July 17, 2009 at 18:47

Bayan hota nahin
Jo unki jubaan se
Nigahon me talashne ki
Koshish kia karte hain

Wo phir guzarengi
Inhi galiyon se
Dilasa is dil ko
Dia karte hain

  1. Wow!!! That could totally be the lyris of a really really well-written song.
    Why don’t you work on it… develop the thought…


  2. awesome…
    nigahoein mein naa dhundnaa humein,
    dil mein hum bas jayenge,
    tamanna hoo agar milne ki,
    toh band nigahoein mein nazar aayenge…..


  3. :O …What happened!?! Kinoff reminded me of “Umrao Jaan” but that’s probably cause I have wanted to see that flick from some time now 😛

    PS: you have won an award in me blog “Candid Talk”. 🙂


    • Oh my award from choco *flying* 😀
      Thanks so much dear..well for this nablopomo thing i have been consistent for a while now, i make a promise to self to be consistent even after this ends :)..
      for updates, i posted this from my mobile phone last night as internet stopped working :D…another yay for the phone and the award 😀


  4. its beautiful , but i dnt exactly understand shairies much….:(
    nevertheless i did try tho……and award award?????????


  5. Bemisaal kahoon,
    Ya kahoon lajawab,
    Teri inn panktiyon me toh….

    Maar dala! Allah! Maar daala! Maar dala! Allah! Maar dala!
    Maar daalaaa…ohhhhh… maar daalaa…. maar dalaaa…ohhhhh…. maar daalaaa…. maar dala! allah! maar dala! 🙂

    P.S. Tune me gaana!


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