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NaBloPoMo:Post 14:The conspiracy

In Uncategorized on July 14, 2009 at 19:08

Naah not a movie review. People who have read “Alchemist” by Paolo Coelho will remember the underlying theme of the book

“If you want something badly, the whole universe will conspire to ensure that you get it”. A very positive message i must say. I have heard Shahrukh Khan also use this dialogue in one of his movies. How many of us actually believe in this theory? I do.

Now my about me page here says that i am an optimist, and trust me staying one is a challenge at times. Things wont happen the way you want them to, friends will leave, you will have bad days at office (and nights included), no promotion, no salary increase, RECESSION, and still you will have to think

“Whatever happens, happens for good” right? wrong? :P. Boss you can come to the blog and let it out :D, thats what i will do.

I was gifted a Nokia-E51 by mother on my birthday last year in November. Well i did an extensive reasearch before i went ahead and bought that phone. I realized why my boss had bought the same nokia-e51 after losing one set. It was such an elegantly designed sleek model. Irresistible i will say. I simply loved it. That was november, I had not even used it for 3 months that i lost it in January this year :(. I am not going to write how?

Lesson learnt 1: Well i should have learnt this lesson long back when i saw the movie ISHQ but still, “Never run after a Bus/Girl. There will always be another one to catch”.

Lesson learnt 2: Wear a mobile belt cover to ensure that it does not pop out of your pocket as you run to catch the bus (Shit!! did i just tell you how i lost it 😦 )

So i lost this set and went ahead and bought the same set again πŸ˜€ that day itself.I bought a belt cover too. That whole day i was sad, till the time i had the new set back in my hand :D. I was happy. I said to myself “Everything happens for a good reason”, well some acquaintances actually made it out of the phone list.

6 months passed and i had to replace the belt cover and scratch guard for my phone. So i go to this shop and ask him for the same, Scratch guard is available so that is taken care of, but BELT COVER is not available :(. Now that was part of lessons learnt, but there was no option. So i decided i will come back later the next day.

And then it happened, the very next day, pickpocket :(. Oh god i said i was going to buy it next day, what wrong did i do :(? Why were you so jealous that you did not like E51 and me having a good company together :(?

This was it, it was time for divorce, No buying any E-series phones.

Time for N82 now :D. It has a lovely camera, something where E-51 disappointed. Now i can go click click. I now carry a bag to keep phone :D.

“Everything happens for good, isn’t it”.

So, have you also felt sometimes, that Universe is actually conspiring for something that you DO NOT want to happen to you at all?

  1. I dont care abt the set now that u have told me how u lost it..just want to see my cute lil bebu run after the bus!!:D:D
    shit! wasnt anyone making a video?

    lol@the post!!!


  2. I can understand the pain of losing a fone. I lost mine, I actually dropped in an auto..thinking my fone is in my hand:-P
    But nice flow of thoughts here. Enjoyed reading this one.
    and yes whatever happens, happens for the good. I used to believe in this but not any more. I feel its just a way of making us feel better and accepting things. there are a lot of things which shudnt have happened and still has happened.


    • Well Manisha i lost my phone once in auto, but the guy was nice enough to pick up my call, and give it back to me :D…I’m sorry but my post was not to make people stop believing in “whatever happens happens for good”..I will write a post soon that will reiterate this thought :)..i wish you continue believing in it


  3. I’m sorry you lost your phones, Ani, but at least they made you write this post! It’s such a wonderful read – see, everything happens for the best! πŸ™‚


  4. Congs for a new phone! See u got a new phone and a post to keep NaBloPoMo going!
    Everything happens for the good πŸ˜€


  5. I have never ever lost a phone! πŸ™‚

    All right. Now that I have that outta my system…Congrats!!! Seems losing a phone wasn’t that bad after all..You got yourself a swell new phone! πŸ˜€
    Happy endings!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


  6. Hi…nice post yaar. Had read it a couple of days back..but commenting today. I had a situation once.

    My parents were out of town, so I and my friends decided to have a small trip to Lonavla for an overnight trip. Unfortunately its rained heavily and we couldnt get past Panvel and returned back.

    Everyone got upset and cancelled the plan for overnight ANYWHERE. So I ended up staying home. Thankfully, my parents returned home late in the same night due to the rains as well. I was saved from not getting caught. Thank god I was home at that time.

    Everything Happens for the BEST


  7. Sorry for your loss bud !

    and congrats , if u are still trying to remain calm/optimistic after these “incidents” πŸ˜€
    Its hard to lose a “beloved Gizmo”….

    Love the natural flow of your writing , not at all repelling ;=)


  8. The dialogue was in the movie: Om Shanti Om..


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