aniruddha pathak

NaBloPoMo:Post 11:Mumbai Rats

In 55 words or less, story on July 11, 2009 at 05:45

The stink was getting unbearable.

That struggle to find his space in this world.

He could feel something trickle down his spine.

A pack of rats, that moved in perfectly synchronized motion.

What wrong had he done to be in this mess?

If only he had listened to Riya.

“Never miss the 9:28 am local”

  1. Eeuwww…Rofl!!!

    This was disgustingly awesome! 😀


  2. This is horrifying!! trains in India are like that… 😦


  3. Haha ew. Though I haven’t quite experienced that in Bombay, I have experienced rush hour elsewhere – – and they’re all pretty similar. I’d rather get home one hour later, or leave earlier just to avoid rush-hour travel, lol.


  4. super cool 🙂 enjoyed reading it.

    thanx for ur visit 🙂


  5. yuck!!
    bebu there’s some thing for u on my blog! pay me a visit..:)


  6. Yuck! Tell me bout it!


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