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NaBloPoMo:Post 8:MBA routine

In Uncategorized on July 8, 2009 at 20:38

1.Wake up , Wake up, Huh ok put the alarm to snooze for the third time

2. Wake up finally due to the noise created by juniors. Some swearing words for the kids. It’s good for camaraderie you justify.

3. Look for the morning newspaper. Its with your roomie, who’s making the best use of it, in the loo ofcourse. Some more derived and innovative swearing for the roomie.

4. Come back and realize you have been sleeping on a wet bed. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh, Why does this guy drink so much??

5. Feel your head is still heavy after the last night party. Look for cigarattes, aah theres the packet roomie has left.

6. Realise its time to go and brush teeth instead

7. Some more swearing for the roomie who is still in loo. Decide to go without taking any bath. After all who turns up for an early morning class anyways, except the teachers and their suckers.

8. Check: Jeans that has not been washed for a week now, who cares anyways as long as the shirt is ironed

9. Admire self in the mirror, and wonder is it time to shave yet.

Naaah!! Even Akshay keeps a beard doesn’t he

10. Send an sms to one of the suckers, since you are late for the first lecture

“Please mar my proxy ok. I’ll return the favor for Eco class”

11. All set to finish the presentation that’s due for over a week now.

12. A group of 8 for the presentation, you already know only 4 are going to work for the “free riders”

13. Check: google, annual reports, some jazzy images, nice audio visuals,  some crap here and there

Wow!! Making presentation is so much fun

14. Call up all the free riders ask their-

Roll numbers

Email id

Mail the presentation to them. Literally beg them to be on time for the presentation, and a special reminder to ensure they actually read and come. Huh! Last one was really too much expectation

15. Time for presentation: Continue making changes while other groups are presenting.

16. Do not listen to any of the speakers, it’s a sin you may commit.

17. Ask 5 totally unrelated questions to speakers, be ready for more than just frowns from the presenting group. After all getting class participation marks is not that easy either.

18. On your turn, be prepared for lots of surprising looks on the faces of free riders. Why? You forgot to communicate last minute changes!!

20. Thank god its over. Plan for the next movie, no more attending classes for that day.

21. Back to the hostel, only to find roomie is finally out of the loo. Oh hang on he has taken a bath today.

Congratulate him on his feat, and start with a new life all together

“Hey I’m Roger…Asl?”

P.S:Felt like writing a post for topic of the month.

Disclaimer: This is not my routine 🙂

  1. Hahaha!! Made for a pretty interesting read! 😛

    My routine can be summarised in just 3 step-
    1) Get up
    2) Survive
    3) Go back to bed (if you managed to complete point 2)



  2. hahaha..u already narated this to me till the shave wala point..
    good good..


  3. hahhahaha….fun to read….disclaimer…???? hmmm dats an interseting point to discover..whos routine is dis btw..???

    keep writing fun stuff..
    keep blogging..
    take care…


  4. it is beautifully written and loved the 16th one and your disclaimer 🙂


  5. hehe! ARE you sure this is not YOUR routine? 😛

    moi has doubts 😀

    good one though:)


  6. hehe… it’s alarming (and amusing) how close to the truth it is!


  7. Hahaaa…Very lucidly written. Didn’t want it to end!!!
    PS: I loved the disclaimer and completely believed it 🙂


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