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Rest in peace Michael Jackson

In Uncategorized on June 26, 2009 at 17:25

He was a legend of dancing for me, someone i picked up my first dancing steps from. As a tribute to him here is a video of how to do the moon walk

and the legend himself

P.S: Its hectic at work, i plan to put up some tutorials on dances i’m learning, lets see when i can do that 🙂

  1. loved the moonwalk video 🙂
    and yes my growing up memories are of his songs….

    RIP MJ


  2. I loved the way he moved in his youngest days… the first video didn’t open, embedding failed it said, the second one is nice.
    Sad that someone who seemed to have everything should have gone so early…


  3. The moonwalk was so awe inspiring the first time I saw it…
    & now that I know he is gone I remember and feel the magic again!
    Thanks for the videos…


  4. You just don’t expect some people to ever die. After 3 days, I still find it hard to believe.


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