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The other side..ends

In story on June 22, 2009 at 17:45

B was at home on vacations with his family. His mom had a constant complaint, that he wasn’t spending much time with his family, and all he cared was for his friends. B felt guilty, he promised himself that he will make up for it, once he was settled. He had made that promise to himself, consistently since last 6 years. That was the time when he met S, for the first time.

Beep beep. “Can we talk?”

S: Have you asked your parents yet?

B was surprised to hear that, just when he thought S was drifting away from him, she actually talking about….Marriage?

B: Yes, I mean I’m confident S, I’ve told you my parents wouldn’t say no.

S: But still I think I need to be clear right.

B: Yea, I will talk today itself. What about you, have you spoken to parents?

S: Oh come on B, I’ve told you so many times, my parents still want a guy with a secure job you know, but I think they will agree. First you let me know ok?

B: Sure

B’s family had met S on couple of occasions, and they knew that if there was any girl in B’s life it was S. B was still not sure as to how his parents would take it, after all he had just started with his job. B himself had rejected proposals earlier seeking more time to settle down.

It was a Sunday evening.  B’s dad was watching the match re-run on TV, and his mom and sister were enjoying their cup of coffee. This was the moment, B thought, he had practiced this so many times before, and now he was going to do it. He was sure about his parents, but something was making him nervous, what if they said no? How will he ever face S again? It was now or never, he had to do it.

B: Mom, dad you know I’ve been thinking about something?

Mom: And?

Mom and sister were sensing something, and smirked .B had practiced this so many times, but watching his sister smile he sensed something was wrong. Did they already know what he was going to say? He thought of doing it some other time, but then he said to himself, If I don’t face it today I will never be able to do it.

B: It’s about S

Mom: Now what about her?

B: I want to marry her

B was expecting the worst now, he had said it. He looked at his dad, dad was still busy watching TV, and he then glanced at his mom. He was expecting the worst of reactions from his mom. One tight slap, after all she was closest to him and he felt he had cheated. That he had completely lost her trust, by not sharing this part of his life with her.

Mom: When do you guys plan to do it?

“What?? Was mom really serious? I mean she agrees and is actually asking when?”

B was stunned by his mom’s reaction. Not that he was expecting his father to be any better, but mom had surprised him, again.

Mom: What do you think son? I wouldn’t know what you are doing with extra classes, while all your friends actually don’t attend any. Anyways we like the girl, and let us know when we go and talk to her parents. I’ve spoken to your dad about it already.

B: What?? I mean you guys knew already that I was going to ask this?

Mom, sister and dad were laughing by now.

Sister: Yes brother, we knew you will ask, the only question was when?

B was ecstatic, he knew he had broken mom’s trust but he couldn’t help but rush to her and cry. He felt stupid too; he thought he had planned it very well; that his mom will never know what happened. He felt stupid, but happy too. He was now laughing at his own stupidity. “You can’t hide things from your mom, they always know what’s going inside the mind of their child”


B: Yay, didn’t I tell you, my parents were always going to agree

S: What they agreed, oh cool

B: Now I think you should ask your parents too

S: What? Not now B, you know I have yet to complete my post grad. You know how important it is for me. I am yet to clear the entrance exams; there is hardly a month to prepare.

B: Yes I do. Ok fine talk to them after your exams. And hey, I know how important these exams are for you. I’ll talk to you once your exams are done.

S: Hey no, keep talking.

B:No S, I’ll be distracting you. Its been 6 years, that we have been together. I want you to achieve what you have always wished for. Its important for our relationship too.

S: Ok

B: Talk to your parents once you are done with exam.

S: Ok I’ll see.

A month had passed. Sad as it could be, S had flunked. B was trying hard to console her, but it was of no use. B had returned to his work, it was the first time he ever felt that long distance can ruin things to the worst. He was feeling failed, however hard he could have tried, he could not have given that warm hug that he thought could console S. Did S need a warm hug from B? Or was it a perfect moment?

Beep beep.

S: I think B this can’t go on. We will just be friends

B: What are you saying? We just talked about marriage a month back? Whats wrong?

S: I feel my friends are taking better care of me than you are?

This was the last thing, B could hear. Six years of his life, he had spent taking care of his girl, love of a father, unconditional as he thought, was what he had offered her. And now she had found people who could love her more than he could?

S: Listen we’ll talk tomorrow, my mood is not great, I’m sorry.

May be she was in a bad mood, B thought. It would all be fine, B was an optimist guy, and things could not go wrong after all they have been together for 6 years. The very net day he got a call again from S.

S: Hey sorry, I was really upset last night. I didn’t mean any of that sorts ok

B: Ya I know. How are you now?

S: I’m fine. B listen, please don’t call me from now. My family is really upset about me flunking the exams.

B: Can I send you sms atleast?

S: Uhh try and keep it to minimum.

B: Ok sure.

B did not understand that moment what was happening to him. He stopped calling S and messages were now reduced to mere exchange of greetings. “I love you” seemed to have vanished. It was 3 months since S flunked her exams, when one day B got a message that really left him perplexed

“B your smses are distracting me. I will get in touch with you once I’m fine”

B discussed it with his friends, and they all gave him an i-told-you-so look. He was still determined, to make it work. It had to work; everything had gone well so far. His parents had agreed for the marriage, this can’t go down like this, he said to himself. S would calm down in few days, and things would be back to normal again. He smiled. “God is taking a test, and I will come out a winner again”, he thought.

A month later, Q visited B. They both had their dinner and decided to take a walk near the beach which was close to B’s flat. It was the place they often visited, and discussed their plans for the future. B often advised Q on matters of relationships. However this night was going to be different.

Q: I don’t know how to tell you this

B: What’s the matter go on; we have discussed it so many times. Is it about your girl friend again?

Q: No

B: Then?

Q: Its about S.

B: What about S? Was she asking about me? I’m sure she’s scared to talk directly to me, go ahead, I know she’s sorry. Why can’t she talk to me directly? I have loved her so much, forgiven so many things, its such a small issue

Q: Shut up!!!!!! Don’t you realize?

B was stunned, Q had never spoken to him like this before. He could see Q being very upset, he could see tears in Q’s eyes.

B: What’s the matter Q? why don’t you tell me, what happened to S? Did she leave any message?

Q: Yes, P her senior remember? She has married P and both of them are off to US to pursue studies together.

B could feel the blood in his head freeze, his last six years spent with S was in front of him. Meeting in school, writing poems, singing for her, his diary entries, every moment rolled in front of his eyes, while Q was yelling at him. He could not hear Q anymore.

B: I deserve a reason!!! six years, Q I deserve a reason

It started pouring that moment as B stood there on the beach, crying.

The moment had frozen!!


Open arms are gone again
No sweet touch on sun kissed face
No messing up of curly hair
No shadow dance with lovely grace
This time you know
you’re all alone
this time you know
why hoping on
This time you know
its not your way
Its time to rise
its time to see
Its time to dress
Its time to feel
Its time to find
the real me

  1. Knew it would end in a tragedy 🙂

    well…nice effort there! 🙂


  2. Ah well.. I would’ve wanted to say “I told you so” to B if I had known him.. which i certainly felt i did. Your writing style is very realistic.

    As for B,life just doesn’t at this.
    He’s just learnt a lessona and like you put it- It IS indeed time to find the real him!


    Kudos to a great work there!


  3. I think i know B……
    Nice effort 🙂


  4. @SB: Nope you dont 🙂 , and i’m lying


  5. 🙂


  6. Written beautifully, Ani…

    Heartfelt, though… Ah, what do we need to do for happy endings! :-/


  7. Ahh…I hope B has learnt his lesson…At least he didn’t end up losing his life! I was afraid of that!

    Such a gripping story. Very well told. 🙂


  8. @neha: Ya she cud have atleast told him, may be she was afraid of facing him??


    • Rubbish. Just to save her face, she hurt him so bad. I have heard people giving this excuse. “Couldn’t face him/her”. The person who was with you for so long at least deserves a decent reply and your honesty.
      Anyway, great story Aniruddha. Very well written.


  9. very well written Ani, u must be all set to change leave ur job and start writing proffessionally!

    As for B, committed ppl like him are v rare, v special.. but S fell out of love or maybe she never fell into it.. she had to do this..better late than never.


    • Yea i guess so, good for B that she did it, else he would have continued hoping. Nice to get a comment from club 51 🙂
      And hey i’m light years away from writing good stuff i guess


  10. Hey you also have the “Read More” feature!!! That’s nice… Will come back to read your blogs at leisure… Looks quite fundoo….


  11. hello there
    First time here, got here via SuperNova’s blog. The entry read like a dialogue out of a hindi or tamil movie and i miss those = ) Thankx for writing it though, although predictable it still is a good read – a good distraction i thought after a hard day’s work ; ) Keep up the good work. Will try and come back for more.



  12. Hmmmm. Loved this. Nicely written!!


  13. u know i feel like killing S right now..


  14. WTH how could she do that to him?

    Good one there. Is it really fiction or you know B and S?

    First time here…nice blog.


  15. life always pours never rains……..
    ppl don’t value love unless they loose it,S wud soon realise wht she lost in life…..echo of her deed wud cum bck soon…
    for B,ntng in this world can patchup a broken heart,specially when it’s all wht u need,still he shud feel lucky,only 6 years ruined or else whole life cud ve been ruined by a shallow relationship….

    do write a second part,where S gets a whacking by life!!


    • I am so glad that you still looked at the bright side for B :)..about writing a second part, why cant S live happily ever after 😛


      • yeah,surely S can live happily ever aft in today’s world,evrythng is possible may be tht’s wht B wish…aftall love is like this only…..but wht for she did she need too suffer atleast a bit,don’t let ppl forget,their’s a GOD up watching all….
        u r a gud writer no doubt,u know well how too give words still,plz next time whn u write give names too characters,it’s easy for ppl too get connected….god bless u!!


  16. @ifonlyi: yes point noted my lord..names for characters from next time..god bless you too..and thanks for all the sweet comments 🙂


  17. my first time too…I am awed…good usage of words….
    shall drop in more often…

    keep rockin’


  18. hey ani, liked the way u have written,..I just hate for the 6 years that B wasted, he shud have realized early…it could have been utilized in a better way..


  19. @deepak: I take that as a compliment thank you 🙂


  20. I told u so B 😦 😦 :(…Shit how could he not see S was taking him for granted. Poor B.

    Very very well written story…u know I am really feeling bad for B becoz of the way u have written this :). Great attempt!


  21. B is just too innocent for his age.. i must say.. Im sure he must hav learnt a lot from this and would be a different person nw..
    A very touching post. Written really well !


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