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The other side..-I

In story on June 17, 2009 at 10:37

CAUTION:Some people may find parts of the post to be offensive/gory 

It was a saturday morning in December. He told his mom, he was going to attend a day long seminar. Mom smirked,

“why do all your seminars happen on a saturday?”

“well, ask the organisers. I’m not the one organising it right!!”. He felt bad the way he retorted, but thats how B has been for past couple of years.

B stuffed his breakfast, and rushed out “mom, i’ll have lunch outside today”, he knew he would be late to catch the same bus again. It was his favourite white shirt that S gifted it to him on his last birthday.

Mom:”Are you meeting S?”

B:”mm no why?”

Mom:”No, i thought so. Why the white shirt?”

B:”mooooom its comfortable”

Mom:”yea yea” 

Beep..Beep ” Hun m in d bus, cya in 5-luv S”.

B:”Shit, moooooooooom gimme the papers, i’ll go and fix this insurance receipt thing today”

Mom:”Here you go, and do call up if you will be late”

B:”yup byeeee”

It was freezing that morning, and B could barely see the bus coming through the fog. B thought it was a bad idea to be going so early, S had her classes and he would have to wait for her before they could go out. One hour, she said is all she will take and then they can go out. One hour would not be too long he thought. 

S:”I’ll be back, see you then, wait for me ok”

B:”Yea please do, I’ll wait”

And then he saw her going through that big college gate, B always dreaded to enter that gate without S.

It was an all girls college and he was too shy to move in to search for S. He always waited outside, he was more comfortable that way. When with S inside the college, all he saw was her eyes. He would be lost in her endless conversations about her day at college, the way her strands of hair carelessly brushed her face, and that child like enthusiasm to narrate everything she had gone through. 

For S, B was someone she can show to her friends, B made her feel complete. She did well to get admission in a decent college, and now she also had a boyfriend, something she needed desperately since everyone in her group was hooked. She didn’t want to be left out. B was her trophy, someone she presented at each college festival. B always found S cute when she got posessive. B provided her an emotional support system, something she needed to go through her tough student life. S always thought she can evaluate B later once the question of marriage came up. For now she might as well enjoy the 24×7 support system.

B always hated it when his friends tried to tell him that he has changed. That he was going away from friends he had known for years. B had to give up on staying back with friends in college as he had to rush to meet S, his band always wanted him to practice more, they had a contest coming up. S however never compromised on her emotional healing sessions with B. 

It was already 2 hours since S went for her class. Waiting all this while in cold, B ended up catching severe fever. He tried coffee from a cafe nearby. S would be back any moment, and it should be fine he thought. 

Beep beep…” 2 more classes hun, will take 2 hrs, wait ok-luv S”

“Ya sure- luv B”

B had always loved S. His theory was, why do couples have to fight? how can he ever trouble the love of his life, by fighting with her and making her precious pearls flow all the way to her cheeks. He simply could not see S cry. After all he had chosen her, accepted her the way she was. It was all a part of package he thought. The seminar was good, informed B’s friends. B did not want to miss this seminar, it would have helped him meet many more people in the IT industry. He had told S how important it was for him, but S simply asked B “I’m not important for you?”. B never had any answer to that.


It was already dark on a cold winter evening. B was shivering now,he had high fever now. At times he thought, how could S make himwait for so long? she could have told him long back, to go home atleast, if she knew she can’t make it? But then all boyfriend’s think like that and end up fighting, he thought. He was going to be different, not like his friends who changed girlfriends with the frequency that they changed their T-shirts, just because of an argument.

Time 6:30pm

Beep..beep “Hun can i go for K3G, my whole gang is going..pleees- luv S”

“Ya ok.But we’ll meet on monday.done-luv B”

“Sure.will let you know-luv S”

Not a big deal B thought, he was now worried about the fever he had. It was time to rush home now lest it got worse. He also kept thinking that S had so much to study, and that she must not be feeling well because of this chilly weather. May be he will give her a call after the movie, he thought. B was not feeling well now, he could feel weakness now because of the fever. B planned to take an autorickshaw back home. 

Aah there it was, just in time, B could see an autorickshaw coming his way,he waved his hand to stop it. B was about to move towards the auto on the other side of the road when he got hit by a scooter. The guy on scooter was on his way to the hospital, must have been in hurry. B apologised, as he knew he had misjudged. B checked himself, no bruises. He hopped into the auto.

Back home he could feel his socks in right leg soggy. The moment he tried to remove them, he was horrified as blood spurted out of his right leg. B didn’t realize that the accident had actually managed to chip off a part of flesh from his right leg. With high fever he was about to faint, seeing so much blood. 

Beep Beep… “hun m sorry about today, cyu on monday-luv S”

“ya ok :)-luv B”

  1. As a girl, I don’t really think about the other side too often! This offers a nice, fresh perspective… heart wrenching, though it is!


  2. Well–I always follow one rule “Never make somebody a priority in your life when you are just an option in theirs.” I think B needs to understand it.


  3. hey Ani,

    The story is so brilliant and really touches soul, the characters are so real that while reading I wondered if I know any of them…

    As Far as writing is concerned, I love the way you start the passage, slowly building the plot with weather and the beep sounds..

    I think you are talented and u must take it a lil further than this blog…I know you know what I mean…Lots of luck…

    a good read!!


  4. can wait to read “the other side 2”


  5. Nice story! 🙂
    Visiting your blog for the first time….and waiting patiently for part 2 to release.

    Btw, the part of the narrative “…of flesh from his right leg” sounds very morbid. You could bring it down to a chipped toe…It really sounds ghastly otherwise.


  6. Very well written and narrated. I could feel the characters in my mind.Was actually getting irritated at this girl and feeling sorry for this guy. Thats what a writer is supposed to do. Bring emotions in the mind of readers. Keep it up:-)


  7. @manisha: will try to post today


  8. Hi,
    Thanks for visiting my blog & dropping all ur lovely comments.
    You’ve got a very nice blog. Now coming down to this post – I think B is too good for S, S is taking B for granted. For sustaining a relationship in the long run, both sides need to put in effort.
    ts written in a very very nice way, waiting for part 2 to be released soon 🙂


  9. nice touching story…and very well written too…. am definitely coming back to read part 2.

    thnx for stopping by 🙂


  10. Hi ! Visiting your blog for the first time!
    Quite a story that was. I am simply glad B is still alive! But he got what is due to a doormat… It was a good read 🙂

    & your header image is interesting!


  11. Hey there
    Would appreciate if you would just use my profile name(Choco) only in comments and kindly remove the above comment post!


  12. I dont really know what to say. This post left me speechless.
    All I’ll say is, I’ve met people like S. Would love to read her side of the story too though.

    btw, lovely style of writing.


    • thanks neha for the comment, This is going to be more from B’s perspective than S. I have seen enough S perspective, which actually prompted me to write from B’s side. That’s why “the other side” 🙂


  13. You know, I didn’t feel bad for B at all! This might sound mean, but he brought it upon himself. If he has to go act like a complete dousche, this is what he’ll get.
    I know a friend who acted the exact same way even when the gf repeatedly told him not to. End result- he ended up getting dumped.

    I hope B realises the implicatoins of what he’s put himself into.


  14. oh!:O
    i feel bad for B..S is soo mean!!:(


  15. S is not fair with B. One question here, why not give them names than calling them by alphabets ? Anyways, relationships does mean only by agreement. There are disagreements also, everyone is different, and we are bound to think different. So, B should not just nod and do as S says. Well, on a lighter note, I think that this B character must be a hypothetical, difficult to find such obedient guys 😀


    • welcome to the blog megha..well it was a first attempt, i could not think of better names..i will keep that in mind later.
      There may be such obedient guys/girls. No? 😉


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