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“Are you strictly vegetarian?”

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Well thats what the Indian airlines airhostess asked me, on my way to Varanasi. I did’nt know even vegetarians were divided into different classes:- Strictly, mildly, softly, so so, hardly….

Early morning flight (9:20 am), its early, No? (:P well i did miss my sleep still). Anyways reach the airport,only ย to find Indian airlines and Kingfisher passengers need to use a seperate entrance. Now i don’t mind discovering these things, but i would appreciate if the airport actually has signboards mentioning different entrances for different airlines.

Look for the check in counter of Indian airlines, oh wow so many. Well it had to be so many because they had many flights taking off, my joy was shortlived as it was really painful standing there for 30 minutes waiting for my turn. To add to it an aunty(A) in front of me managed to land her stilettos perfectly on my toe.

A: I’m so sorry

me: No, aunty its okay (!#@!#!##$$)

A: Are you flying alone?

me:Yes (I’m allowed to right?)

A:Oh, just this much luggage?

me:Yes, aunty (What did she expect? carry 5, 6 suitcases?)

A: I was just wondering, if i can club my luggage with yours so that they don’t charge me extra

me: Hmm okay (@!#$!!@@)

A: ๐Ÿ™‚

me:Damn (the toe was still hurting bad)

Well she managed it without having to club her luggage with mine, anyways i dont think it was possible since she had to get down at Lucknow itself. The line moved oh so slow. The IA attendants were processing real slow. This was the first time i had to wait so long, it was already 45 minutes and i was still waiting for my turn. I reached an hour earlier to avoid rush, and now iย 

My first encounter with IA attendant at check in counter

me:Can you give me an aisle or a window seat?

IA:Saar all flight full saar, only side seat left saar

me: ya so give me a side seat, thats what i’m asking you

IA: saar our flight 3 seats in row sir, i give you side seat saar, very good saar

me: Oh, give me whatever you haveย 

IA: I’m giving you saar, best seat saar

me: (Oh lord save me)

I had to literally snatch my boarding pass from him, and rush for security check.”11-F” it said. I tried all possible combinations and realised he had given me a window/aisle seat. That’s what i wanted right, what was he trying to explain to me then…wierd.

Board the flight, only to find an elderly lady in a nice saree blocking my way to the seat.ย 

me:Excuse me, aunty

The lady turned and

me:woops, uhh, sorry, i didn know

A:welcome on board sir

me: uh ya, thanks. I’m, sorry

Well i was embarrased, this was IA airhostess in front of me. Indian mother epitomised. Like a sweet child, i said sorry and went and sat in my seat, before others behind me started to nudge their luggage into my back. I could hear some people ย giggles behind me.

I hopped into my seat, and started watching “Yes Man”. It was a nice movie, and i was feeling hungry by the time it ended. That was when i saw the food being served. Finally, time to stuff and catch some sleep. Or wait

Airhostess(AH): Sir, veg or non veg

me: Vegetarian

AH: Are you strictly vegetarian?

me: yes, what does that mean?

AH: i mean, not even a little non-veg sometimes?

me: no ways, whats the matter?

AH: sir Veg food is over?

me: what??

๐Ÿ˜ฆ well now i was wondering, why can’t IA ask passengers at the time they book tickets, for the kind of food one prefers?

It makes it operationally more convenient for them, and passenger does not have to go through bad service. I could eat only sandwich. The journey forward was so not exciting anymore. The Varanasi airport is far away from the town, and there was no hotel to go and eat food. I asked AH when we landed in Lucknow to arrange for some veg food, she said she could not ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I came back to mumbai and used the feedback form available on IA website, shot a mail to the cmd too. I got a response from them too ๐Ÿ˜€

“Sorry, it will not be repeated”

Thank you so much. That’s all i was hoping for right?

I just dont understand why two different government bodies have to look at their customers in a completely different way. I’m sure you all did not get the context. Look how has irctc solved a problem, and earned respect and trust from its customers. When IRCTC could not serve the usual high tea to its passengers in rajdhani, they served them packets containing ย chocolates and dry fruits worth Rs 200 each, to 1000 passengers. Why did they do that? They could have simply said sorry, RIGHT?

  1. You actually called her “aunty”?!? ROFL!!!


  2. lol….that was funny…\
    “I had to literally snatch my boarding pass from him, and rush for security check.โ€11-Fโ€ it said. I tried all possible combinations and realised he had given me a window/aisle seat. Thatโ€™s what i wanted right, what was he trying to explain to me thenโ€ฆwierd.”…
    must have been a flight of ur life time:)..
    im off to reading the irctc incidence now


  3. agh thats indeed bad service!


  4. funny and and at the same time pity on u…..

    take care….enjoy…;)


  5. When there’s bad in-flight service, it’s the worst. Because you can’t really go anywhere to solve your problem! As for the mis-communication…aaah, it can definitely get aggravating – at least you ended up with the seat you wanted!

    That’s why I don’t frequent certain airlines, but even then, on the best of airlines if they’re staffed with inept crew for a certain leg, then the journey can be just as frustrating.


  6. I guess sometimes throwing a tantrum works. I was on a Virgin flight from delhi to london and one woman moaned about the food so much…she was given the first class menu to select from. And then, she also wrote a letter to Mr Branson..and a few months later this was on the BBC news ๐Ÿ™‚

    good post. Like blog. came via Chandnis’.


  7. That’s bad service. I can’t believe they don’t ask at the time of booking re your food preferences. I have no preferences in terms of food but can understand how frustrating it must be!

    As for the ‘aunty’ I can’t believe you helped out…after the stilleto!!! ๐Ÿ˜›


  8. lol ..that was funny …i was travelling in one of these flights once ..and the AC went off mid -air IMAGINE!! i realized it was The peak of recession …


  9. That was bad! I am a vegetarian and I would have been very annoyed. I did not know irctc but that was definitely the right way to express any apology!


  10. LOlzzz…Now why didn’t I see this post before???
    Indian Airlines is bad…snapping aunties and uncles and sickening food. You should be thankful you had the sandwich ๐Ÿ™‚
    You are spot on about the repeating. They repeat everything, even the obvious things…

    & aunty???? ROFL!!!


  11. Wow! That was bad service indeed! But I have seen it happening in almost all the airlines.. Something similar happened to the person sitting next to me in BA. He had ordered something and they apparently had a mix up. Thank fully, since he was a non-vegetarian, he still got something to eat. IRCTC seems quite responsible in comparison!

    LOL at ‘aunty’ ๐Ÿ™‚


  12. Wow! they served them chocolates! sahi hai..
    even i feel like eating a choc right now!
    kal jake leke ati hun..pakka!:D


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