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T20 World Cup Super 8s Match 3,4: Pakistan vs Srilanka, India vs West Indies

In Uncategorized on June 13, 2009 at 06:46

A sad day for indian fans. India lost to west indies, though they fought well, but this team does not look like going to semi-finals to me. Dhoni is horribly out of form and should be batting after Irfan Pathan i guess now for the sake of team. He wasted 12 balls yesterday (11(23) is not Dhoni like). That makes it two overs in a 20-20 format which is a big crime i would say. Fielding was not up to the mark and Bhajji and Yusuf mis-fielded on two occassions which resulted in boundaries. I think India did well to get rid of gayle early, but seems like they just did not focus on creating any strategy for other batsmen. I don’t think Bravo is that great a batsman, but he played really well yesterday. I can only wish that India sorts out its problems in bowling, batting fielding soon. Phew there’s os much to improve suddenly it seems :). That’s what happens when team loses.

On the same ground Sri Lanka managed to defend a 150 score, with excellent bowling and fielding. At this stage of the tournament i feel South Africa and Sri Lanka are the only two teams who look like reaching finals to me. Pakistan needs to sort their batting if they want to stay in tournament. Shahid Afridi is just not batting to his potential. Fans miss his shots which he sends sailing out of the park.

India and Pakistan have made their task just a tad difficult by losing their first games. India needs to now win against South Africa and England and also hope to have a good run-rate to make it to semis.

Today’s matches: Pakistan vs New Zealand, South Africa vs West Indies


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