aniruddha pathak

T20 World cup: When captain cool lost it

In Uncategorized on June 10, 2009 at 09:51

Just a small update, Sehwag is coming back and Dinesh Karthik will join the Indian team in his place. Some might think its a big loss for India, though i feel India can still win matches without him. Having him in side however is a big terror for opponents though, and he is a good bowler too. This means batsmen like Yuvraj and Yusuf need to take more responsibilty of hitting.

Ok media, oh media, why don’t you leave my captain alone and let him do his job peacefully. Please do not add to his already difficult job of creating strategies to beat opponents, and carry the burden of leading a team, which is a hope of entire nation. Mahi just dont let these buggers divert you from your goal of retaining the cup. When will these media people realize that there is a fine line between doing a job and getting news at any cost. Oh i just wish…..

  1. i agree i think india should still be positive abt its victory..
    when australia can be out ..i think any thing is possible!


  2. right prachi, lets hope things go India’s way…welcome to the blog 🙂


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