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T20 World Cup Match 9,10:Pakistan vs Netherlands, South Africa vs New Zealand

In Uncategorized on June 10, 2009 at 09:39

Two matches with completely opposite results from what i was expecting. Pakistan managed to defeat Netherlands by a good margin to storm into the Super-8s and South Africa won against New Zealand in the last over.

Pakistan did well through their spinners to beat Netherlands quite comfortably. My hopes of seeing Netherlands in Super-8s (or rather seeing the back of Pakistan from tournament) were shattered. de Rooth and reekers could not repeat their performance, and so out of all the minnows only Ireland now makes it to Super-8s. Shahid Afridi bowled well, and managed to hit one six too, dont know if that can be termed as coming back to form yet. All in all its good i guess, since Pakistan is a tough competitor, and on their day they can beat any team, they have a good spin attack which is proving to be quite vital in the tournament now. Good that India decided to play 2 spinners.

The second match between New Zealand and South Africa went down to the wire and both teams, though they had qualified, put in superb effort to win. New Zealand had it covered till the last ball though, South Africa did well to defend the small score they had. South Africa are the favourites to win this T20 world cup too, till they choke again šŸ˜›

Today’s matches : Srilanka vs West Indies, India vs Ireland


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