aniruddha pathak

My first girlfriend..

In poetry on June 2, 2009 at 10:49

I wish I could

Jump off that train

Come back to you

Hold you again


For I know my love

How it feels

To let go a part

So close to heart


I was foolish to think

I’ve grown

For I am helpless without you

In world unknown


How I long for you my love

To come and hold

My first girlfriend

“My Mom” they told


I have been thinking about doing this post as a dedication to my first girlfriend my mom..sorry mom i have been lazy 🙂

  1. silently expressed..the greatest love.
    lov u for this post…it’s amazing..dedicated to all mothers


  2. This is so cute! Has your mom read it?


  3. wow! lovely 🙂


  4. thank you hai 🙂


  5. so sweet! loved it!


    • hi kaddu (pretty wierd nick :))

      Thanks for your comment…i must confess i confused two kadambaris on indiblogger and both of u have kaddu as nick so that didn help either…


  6. lovely lovely poem, your mum must read it!! make sure you print it on some good paper and frame it…i bet she will love it..


  7. wow this is so cute!hehe..


  8. So cute! loved it.

    I would like to share one of my poems on mother A miracle ray. Hope you liked it.

    by the way, voted for your poems at indiblogger.


  9. my pappa is also my first boyfreind .. (only one actually) cute poem .. : D


  10. Hey this is really sweet… 🙂 i was smliling all the while when i read it.


  11. […] I have said enough about my mom being my first girlfriend and being the one I am the closest too, its time she gets some more footage here ( By the way she […]


  12. Nice one!… ❤


  13. awww… too cute 🙂
    well its been posted on the rite day i guess 😛 😉


  14. sweetest…. loveliest…n cutest… :):)


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