aniruddha pathak

Kit Kat

In Uncategorized on April 25, 2009 at 11:38

Silent expressions. No words. Got a chance to capture it. Let me know what you think this conveys.

P.S: clicked from E51, please excuse the resolution. I was getting late for office, did not have time to use my Point and shoot, and didn’t want to miss these cute kittens 🙂

  1. so cute! That white and orange one who hides all the time behind its siblings is the cutest!

    …..I would have brought them home.

    They used to call me ‘the girl who collects cats.’

    – needless to say that I got scolded a lot for my “hobby” .


  2. i would love to bring them home..but my roomie doesn share the view…back home mom never allowed to keep one either :(..the orange white one is the laziest of the 4, i have always found it sleeping 😛


  3. Cute!!!!!
    Please don’t tame them 😦


  4. So so adorable!!!


  5. @SAG: Why?? how about you taming the lizards in house 😀

    @Supernova (Prasi): Thanks yews 🙂


  6. I don’t tame them.. They are free to move wherever they want they want to.. that s why i had to shoo it…. 😛


  7. i too have been longing to do a photopost for such a long time 😦
    but this was a nice piece of photopost. i guess this post depicts the idea of your blog “SILENT EXPRESSIONS” 😛
    hope to visit again 😛


  8. @arpit: keep posting mate, you write good stuff..and keep visiting


  9. hey Ani, probably some of the cutest pics of cats I have ever seeen, great pictures….keep such good pics coming…dont worry bout the quality they look gooood



  10. tumhara blog mere blog jaisa kab bana!?! 🙂


  11. oh great you mved the blog to wordpress,commenting will be a lot easier. i usually avoid blogs on any other site because they ask you to furnish so much of information just to post a comment and i hate it. 🙂


  12. lovely. expressions can never be conveyed with words!


  13. So cutee……………. its like, kittens are ready for photo shoot….


    • you bet..the single shot that you see was too hard to get. the kitten was tapping on the camera all the time 😛


  14. aww…cho chweet


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