aniruddha pathak

Matty Mate

In Uncategorized on April 8, 2009 at 10:19

Mate..Bring it on…attitude..muscles..well i think that was all Mathew hayden was wearing up his sleeves as he walked inside the mumbai airport. A six+ feet giant, he looked more like a wrestler than a cricketer I tell you. Yes, got a chance to see him at the mumbai airport. Contrary to what he looks like on the field, here was Haydos obliging the chai wala to get a snap clicked. One of the airport staff got a snap clicked and was running around the airport shouting ” I got a snap clicked with Hayden”. The other i day i saw him cooking tandoori roti on a tv show too. Well these aussies can surprise you all the time isn it ;). This was a pleasant one, i’m sure even aussies love the passion indians have for this game.Well happens, Indians are cricket crazy you see.

Yea we are 😦 ” I couldn get my snap clicked as i was bloddy busy getting my security check done ”


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