aniruddha pathak

Love being loved by you

In poetry on March 28, 2009 at 11:46

Wipe my face
Take my hand
Middle of the night
You want a dance
Sit by my side
Same words of advice
A threat some pain
A promise, a sorry
Next day back again
Two hours to dress
An hour to reach
A sweet smile i guess
Is all you need
Smile to make
Each dream my real
What matters to you
How you make me feel 
Wish i knew words
To say its true
How much I love
Being loved by you
  1. Hello ani…love this one…never knew u will turn these lines into such a beautiful poem…good piece of work


  2. thanks ruchs for the lovely line too 🙂


  3. […] She has worked on series like “Shiva”, “Earth” and won the Rugmark: Ethical rug design competition of 2008. I even ended up writing a poem after being inspired from one of her paintings which you all must have read on the blog here. […]


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