aniruddha pathak

When you are a part of me

In poetry on March 26, 2009 at 11:38

Umpteenth time you cried
Calmly I replied
Questions have stayed same
You want to hear your name
In silence of the beach
The waves that kiss your feet
You want to feel the morning rise
Wake up by my side
To hear those words again
Rush out to drench in rain
You lost your own in me
I lost the self in you
Oh how foolish I would be
To lose this part of me
For pain is all I achieve
To hurt this you in me
There was no more to see
There was no more to know
It was not the new you
But how we both would be
  1. WOW!
    – thats all i can think of saying after reading this one!


  2. @todays writer: thanks 🙂 for your comment


  3. This is beautiful!


  4. thanks so much SAG :)….


  5. Faad di hai ani tune to..its awesome i told u the line i loved…superb stuff…


  6. :))..thanks mate..after so many days i have heard this phrase…faad di :P…dilli ki yaad aa gai


  7. thank you neha 🙂


  8. heartfelt .. touching .. nice


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