aniruddha pathak


In poetry on November 12, 2008 at 09:21

As i walk through

this empty street
this loneliness that 
wants to creep
My shadow is tired
it needs to rest
search continues
rest mind rest
Still reaching out
with tired hands
i don’t need help
please understand
Just a hug
a smile,some sleep
a sweet embrace
is all i need
  1. ‘Sometimes I wish, I was a little kid again….skinned knees are easier to fix than broken heart’

    This is what flashed into my mind after reading your posts…..Smile dear 🙂 Life is too short to spend it like this…..and after a while, you will realize that nothing and no one is worth it. All that matters is You and you owe all the happiness to yourself 🙂


  2. thanks neha for the words :)..i am smiling


  3. the poem has a cold lonliness but with a strong confidence about the upcoming comfort. the last para has a wonderful hope which balances the whole poem beautifully!

    nice work keep coming with more!


  4. a very good write =)
    keep it up
    this is my first time in your blog
    will try to catch up for the other posts too.
    best of luck


  5. @todays writer: thanks for your nice comments…i will try and come up with more..well when i was writing this poem…i thought not many will like it as its too sad and lonely..but i’m glad people like it
    @knee:thanks for the lovely comment..went through your posts write lovely poems..keep it up


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