aniruddha pathak

Can’t say it better

In poetry on October 18, 2008 at 10:48

Standing here
in pouring rain
waiting for you

As i shiver in
endless cold
waiting for you
Just the feeling
that you will
smile when you see
warms my soul
Hoping you will
walk with me
listening to you
wish you never stop
words sweet words
from you
Every moment
every tear
every cry
wish i share all with you
Looking at you
filling every moment
in my pack of wishes
foolishly hoping
Will do all this
all that i know
Just can’t say
can’t say it better
  1. Ok nice poems.. all of them.. the simplicity makes them even more appealing .. I had read your poetry before but took a pause and imbibed them slowly this time. Going to vote for you now. I hope you win.. all the best .. : )


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  3. wonderful piece of poetry 🙂

    Keep writing!!


  4. told you not to go after any girl who makes u wait in the pouring rain 🙂 she is not worth it…

    lovely poem… u have written it in a very touching way…


  5. so swwet and romantic!!

    innocent love is best emotion


  6. lovely…. 😉

    take care..


  7. But you have said it
    You have said it so eloquently
    and made my thoughts run asunder
    But any girl that makes you wait in the pouring rain
    and then thoughtlessly prattles
    Is one smart aleck who leaves me in wonder.

    Sorry about the above lines…I just couldn’t help it! 😀


  8. Awww… That was so sweet and romantic.. 🙂 Can’t say it better 😉


  9. Very nice 🙂


  10. how beautifully it has been put across.. touched me…


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