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jaane tu ya jaane na…

In Uncategorized on August 25, 2008 at 11:00

“So when do you know it is love”…Aamir khan makes movies..and his movies at times are perfection personified..this movie too was something everyone could relate to..”jaane tu ya jaane na”. This post is not about the movie let me clarify that first. It’s about how close to reality this movie i feel was.

When i joined nmims, our VC told us on first day during his address that x% of students who finish their MBA from nmims…end up finding a partner in the same batch ..and i was like…what stats..that too on first day ;)..well later i found few of my batchmates even calculating the probability that they cud be one them..

I figured out that according to this historical data, from our batch at least 12 people should be able to hit target (;) m sorry but Abhinav Bindra’s olympic gold has made me use “hit the target” phrase quite often)..and the last count that i have, my batch has approx 10 individuals who will help achieve that target 😉

Guess all of them would have gone through same self realisation, that too in a much shorter time frame (for facts:jai and aditi(movie characters) i guess were together in college for 5 years..and my batch had just 2 years…mba’s are superfast ;)).

Its a difficult feeling to realise at start. Its dificult to segregate a friendly feeling from affectionate love feeling. Its difficult to realise if something is being done as a friend or should be asssumed to be a step towards a different relation altogether.

There is so much fear of losing friendship that love actually has to struggle its way out most of the times, and most of the times it stays inside forever, waiting for the next….Target 😉
I feel one should let it out, this feeling and clarify it in the most candid manner one can..and that the other person should respect the feeling and decide objectively..if only things were so easy isnt it 😉

well things can definitely be easy..only thing is “understanding” becomes a more operative a word to make things easy..better understanding can lead to better achievements of …”TARGETS” 😛

  1. Better achievements of targets!
    u talking about shooting!..i think at times we even are perplexed as to who are target is?? (atleast i do :P)
    newaz…good one dude, smells fresh!


  2. hehe very true disha…:)


  3. i can co realate with this movie very well… me n my hubby were college frns but never realised the chemistry b/w us….. and after college it took another 2-3 years… so u see, everything cant be understood so easily….

    and the word target… woohooo man….. seems u nevr fell in love… visit my blog its… if u feel like…..


  4. SAG i too know people who can correlate with the movie…well the word 'target' i used as i wanted to draw parallel between M&A; and love..may be you want to change your comment about me never being in love 😛


  5. I can somehow relate to the post 😉 i really like it 🙂 and i thought u would just write down your love story 😉


  6. As usual, a brilliant… straight-from-heart blog post! loved it!


    • hey thanks monika for all the likes 🙂 and compliments. Currently i am busy preparing for an exam. I love what you write as you write it from heart. will read your posts again after exams 🙂


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