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First month

In Uncategorized on August 16, 2008 at 09:34

Well its the start of a new series after where i tried to put together some moments of my life at NMIMS. That was “honest confessions”, so welcome to “honest confessions-2″…naah m not inspired by the movie sequels…guess i will be able to write some interesting stuff…that you can read along.

Convocation..trip back home…good food..friends from college moving to different locations…phew all passed so quickly that by the time i could realise what was happening..i was left all alone…trying to setle down with the new life…life after an mba :)..yea that smile can be interpreted differently..but from me…as my friends will tell you..its full of sarcasm..

First month was pretty cool at office..not to forget the fact that i had already been to office couple of times…thanks to the new concept at my college of doing a CAPSTONE project…dont ask me why they call it that…

Anyways it was good to see few familiar faces at office(i met them during capstone)…who later on formed a nice bunch of colleagues….we are currently just 8 to form the team…Team CDMA..Corporate development and Mergers and acquisitions…Sounds kool huh….:P

Naah..when saturdays are cant be cool can it..i hate working on saturdays..i had dreamt of pursuing so many activities on a saturday..and all that seems a distant dream now…

Hey i forgot to tell you about why this green theme…from a black one…we are a Green company :D..wind energy..SUZLON…more about it in next post

Well first month was not as an mba will expect to be…we were learning on the job for a while…and after two weeks we were formally inducted :)…and on the job learning still continues…

Thats about it for the first month at job…


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