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55 Words or less: Angel in disguise

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How should she tell him-its not what he thought it was? Tears formed at edge of her eyelids. She nearly saved herself from being hit by the bus. Why did it have to happen today? Her world was coming apart. Just then she smiled as she strutted towards the cobbler “Uncle, can you fix this?”



5 Benefits of ballroom dancing

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It was back in 2009 that I started with this dance form. Having been fascinated by watching latin dancing in movies, and Spanish culture in general I always wanted to learn this dance form. I was sick of the routine life of working, coming back home spending time on the internet and sleeping, and it was time to change that. Health was taking a toll too due to sedentary life style. I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol. It was time to take charge and do things that I loved. I decided to start with Salsa but soon was fascinated to see Latin ballroom dancing, and decided this is it, this is what I want to learn. 5 years and still learning this dance form has given me a lot and I would love to share with you all the benefits that this dance form has given me.

  1. Posture: One of the first tangible benefits that you will start seeing once you start focusing on the technique in this dance form is your posture will improve like anything. You have to maintain a frame, hold your own frame and not put weight on your partner. Try this, roll your shoulders back and press it down. Extend your neck as if you are trying to touch the ceiling. There does your neck feel longer now? Do you feel taller? I was complimented by my mother who told me how I don’t slouch anymore while I walk.


  1. Balance:  With the amount of spins that a ballroom dancer learns to do, your balance will improve tremendously. You will be learning how to transfer your body weight from one leg to the other. How to do multiple spins, how to spot at a point while spinning. How to make your partner spin. It will all go on to improve your body balance.


  1. Core strength: A lot of core strength is involved in doing the steps of latin ballroom dancing. A dancer trains to build his strength through various yoga/pilates exercises. Planks, leg raises, side bridge, wall sits all form a part of the warm up regime to help the dancer. All this will help to make your core stronger.


  1. Cardio: Dancing latin ballroom is seriously good cardio, if you follow the right technique. Just a minute of jive is as good as running for ten minutes. This will help strengthen your heart and lower your cholesterol and blood pressure.


  1. Social benefits: Apart from all the physical benefits it also helps you pick up social skills. The more you attend social dancing events, you will learn how to ask your partners out to dance, and more importantly an opportunity to meet new people and learn from them.

Relax, Rethink and Rejuvenate at COORG

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Life is fast. In Mumbai, its faster than one can imagine. My friends from other cities have experienced it and thats why that bold statement there. We are all busy, running, sometimes we dont even know why? We keep running still. While we are at it, and get exhausted, its always a good idea to pause. Relax, Rethink and Rejuvinate.

It was on one such trip that I took with my wife that I realised what we tend to miss in city life. No, this post is not about criticizing the city life and propagating to go live in a village. Its about loving yourself, giving some time to yourself, to relax, think and get back to life. My wife always wanted to visit this resort called Orange county in Coorg. I always resisted the idea because EXPENSIVE. So when she found a good deal on the internet, I gave it some thought and agreed. My wife was expecting, and this was going to be her Baby-moon!

I will state this upfront, I was glad I made the decision to go and stay at Orange County!! It was one of the best holidays I have taken till date. The reason I say this is it made me realise what I missed in the city.

Fresh Air.

The smell of flowers.

Smell of rain kissed earth.

The sound of birds (and they have thousands of them at Orange county it seems)


We reached Orange county in the afternoon of December. Next day early morning we were supposed to go for Bird watching. We were tired from our long trip from Bangalore to Coorg, but I insisted and convinced my wife to wake up early. And this is what we woke up to, foggy morning, it was just brilliant.










There is something really soothing about waking up on a foggy morning, to walk out of the room facing the lake. Walking bare foot on the grass that has been adorned by dew overnight. That smell of leaves washed out by the mist. Every step that I took on the grass outside our cottage sent a chill down my spine, how much I missed this since childhood, this smell and touch of nature. It was all right there.

We had our coffee sitting outside and soaking in the smell of coffee and nature together. Every sip so perfect, dont know if it was the coffee or the whole arrangement, done perfectly by nature, could it be more perfect? Well we decided to take a walk before we could go bird spotting.








Like I said it only got better. It was as if I was walking through clouds. Heavenly. It seemed like a mythical place, no traffic, just pure nature out there to allow me to soak in every bit of it. The aroma of flowers on the way, the soaked trail that invited me. It was all cleaned up, just for me, so it seemed.

From me is this gift, receive

question not the almighty

For I know what’s good for you

Have Faith and believe



So I did not question the miracle for this was the scene I saw. Sunrays paying its respect to this praying area that they had at Orange County. I just wished time could stop and I could stand there forever admiring this beautiful sight. With me, the birds and animals at the resort were praying too. I prayed that this resort stayed like this, and that us humans who visit could keep it this way and not spoil this magic.


I reached the place where we were supposed to start with our bird-watching. There was still time. When I reached there, what I witnessed was a scene straight out from a movie. A swing, in between two really tall trees. I could think of all Hollywood movies like Lord of the rings, Avatar and what not. I never thought such a thing ever existed, they did that in movies using VFX, but it was right here in front of me. I was stunned. Now, I take you on to that swing, so you could feel that moist grass under your bare feet, as your father gives you that gentle push, and off you go. Having a conversation with the clouds, the birds who come and sit right next to you on the swing. As you touch and feel the vines that run all along the ropes of the swing. You smell that fruit eaten by parakeets right next to you, you can even smell the lake next to the swing, its all filled with lotuses. Do you need anything else to refresh you early in the morning?

Perhaps you do, a nice breakfast would not harm isnt it? A restaurant on top of the hill, overlooking the lake from the top. The traditional south-indian decor did indicate the food that we were about to devour. Don’t worry no food pics here. Having breakfast amidst the birds who were out searching for their own food, and chirping, perhaps made me feel better than the shrill noise of my morning alarm. Just as I settled in to my seat to start breakfast, I could see a flower being dropped by a parakeet right into this huge vessel. It was her way of wishing us good morning perhaps!




Every once in a while one could just come here and uncomplicate life. One should press that pause button, Relax, Rethink and Rejuvenate oneself every once in a while.

Before I finish here’s one of the birds I spotted, Beautiful isnt it?



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